English Man V. Machine | HAPPY

The prowess of London taxi drivers is well documented. To earn their licence, trainee taxi drivers spend three to four years zipping through the city on mopeds, memorizing a maze of 25,000 streets within a 10 kilometer radius of Charing Cross station, as well as thousands of tourist attractions and hot places. tasks. ‘The Knowledge’, as it is known, is unique to London taxi licensing and involves a grueling series of exams that only around 50% of potential drivers pass.

That knowledge was put to the test in September when mourners ‘lined up’ to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II. Traffic jams choked the city for days. Some of these days coincided with the IFSCC Congress (see p. 84). This may surprise some, but I’ll take Google Maps, Waze, or any other app on The Knowledge any day. Both times I rode in traditional taxis, the drivers moaned and complained about the difficult journey ahead. After dozens of twists, turns and tears, I finally got to where I wanted to go. Yet when I hopped into an Uber, often driven by newly arrived immigrants, the drivers sped off without a word and got me to my destination much faster and much cheaper than that traditional English taxi ride.

Why am I telling my little travelogue? This underscores the need for everyone, in every industry, to rethink the way they do business. This is exactly what successful marketers and suppliers in the global household and personal products industry are doing every day. Businesses of all categories rely on new technologies to pursue the future. Go to p. 62 to find out what’s new in antiperspirants. Or go back to p. 90 to learn about the latest in home cleaning. On the supply side (p. 72), market demands are causing market leaders to rethink their supply options. If all the changes at work or home are unsettling, maybe it’s time for a break… a cannabidiol break. This issue of Happi includes a special section on some of the latest CBD trends and issues. Go to p. 50 to start reading about the appearance of CBD in skincare and beverages.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Happi. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. And yes, next time I’ll take the train, uh, the metro.

Tom Branna
Managing Editor
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