English Dub Season Review: The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had Made It Season One

Preview (Spoilers below):

Someone claiming to be a god transports an entire high school class to another world and says they’re going to be heroes. Seiichi Hiiragi finds himself in a different place than everyone else. He eats a lot of fruits called the Evolution Fruit and becomes overpowered. He travels, enters a kingdom, becomes an adventurer and builds a harem. Meanwhile, a war between humans and demons awaits in the wings.

Our opinion :

The fruit of evolution is a typical isekai that takes an ordinary loser from one world and turns them into a super-powered hero in another. Seiichi Hiiragi fits that description perfectly. He is an overweight high school student in this world who apparently has no friends. It’s hinted that he does, but we don’t see any interaction between them. Either way, he ends up gaining every power imaginable in this new world, and he even loses weight.

He also has a wife, a girlfriend, a servant, a student and a little sister. It’s basically his harem even if it’s never said outright. He wins competitions, heals a king, and does everything else imaginable. Does he really deserve everything he gets? Not really. He’s painfully bland and when he picks up new skills, he always complains about it. However, he ends up using them regardless without complaining, so he comes across as insincere.

The rest of the characters aren’t much better, if not better. Most of them are one-dimensional, like Saria just loves Seiichi and that’s about it and Lulune only cares about food. Artoria and Oliga are the characters with the most depth, but even their charm fades pretty quickly. The show also tries to give us stories about certain enemies and secondary characters. While I appreciate the effort, it seems rushed and unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. There are even characters who just feel like they’ve been forgotten, like Mr. Sheep, the one who launches Seiichi on his journey.

The plot is quite simple: heroes come from another world to defend themselves against an army of demons. That said, we don’t see many of these heroes. When we see them, they hardly train. It’s the most dramatic about something that’s never been established and it feels forced. It’s explained that these heroes are used more as slaves, but we still don’t really see that progression. Preparations for war always seem messy on both the human and demonic side. There are a lot of moving parts and none of them are well explained.

The voice acting is fine, but nothing memorable. Visually, the show is average at best. The character designs themselves are good, but the animation feels jerky. The fights aren’t animated well, and they’re not fun to watch. I don’t know the studio behind this show, Hotline, but this show needs a lot more finishing.

This season ends in a way that sets up a second season. Even this setup feels rushed as they introduce a new character a minute or two before the last episode ends. Another season could help fix a lot of these issues and maybe flesh out the characters and the story even more. My problem is that a series should not wait for the second season to present itself in its best light.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this first season. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s a tough sight to get through. The world-building is beautiful, but confusing. The characters look good and some of them are tolerable, but none are memorable. The story is messy and doesn’t seem to have really started. Plus, most of the fights and plot points that were meant to be exciting are just boring. The show isn’t sunk, but honestly, I’m not excited for season two.