English Dub Season Review: Sonny Boy Season 1


Thirty-six students find themselves with their school building suddenly adrift in a void-like dimension. When supernatural powers awaken in some of them, a sense of detachment begins to divide the group. Despite the student council’s attempts to impose order, they clash with students with special abilities, who rebel against their strict control.

Our opinion :

sonny boy aired during the summer 2021 season and its dubbing has just ended. sonny boy is an original Madhouse anime about super-powered students on the loose. The idea of ​​a drifting classroom isn’t so strange to the Japanese media. There is a manga called The drifting class which was extremely popular and even inspired the famous mangaka, Junji Ito. So sonny boy has great inspiration, stimulating ideas and a great studio to bring it all together. Does he succeed or fail?

This is a difficult question to answer, but let’s get the technicalities out of the way first. Animation is the hardest subject to tackle as it ranges from very well done and modern to extremely minimalistic. At first I thought it was just bad animation, but it happens so much that I think it’s intentional, sometimes the characters don’t even have faces. Although it is from a distance, I think the fact is that it would be difficult to distinguish their faces. It’s definitely getting experimental but I really enjoyed it.

The voice actors are great. I would say the show-stealer awards go to Luci Christian and Tia Ballard who play Nozomi and Mizuho respectively. Personally, I prefer Mizuho but I get that Nozomi is supposed to be the “main” girl. There comes a point in the story where Mizuho seems to get more screen time, even though I just preferred her, but both actresses are fantastic.

Now let’s move on to the story of Sonny boy. Honestly, I don’t know what to put here. I still don’t think I understand what happened and the point they were trying to make. But I will say that for me the end is bittersweet. I’ve definitely seen worse endings in anime and this one isn’t bad. I just felt like sonny boy was trying to be too complex for its own good.

Finishing, sonny boy is a fun ride, especially if you like things that make you think and involve superpowers. But don’t expect to be fully satisfied as it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. I really think it’s worth your time and you won’t regret watching it. Plus, who knows, maybe it will make more sense when watched in a binge session?