English Dub Review: Ya Boy Kongming!”KongMing uses a ploy”


When a rival singer named Mia resorts to dirty tactics to get ahead, it’s up to Kongming to revive a mysterious and ancient strategy and bring a decisive victory to EIKO!

Our opinion

This show continues to impress as even the opening intro is very catchy. This time around, the incumbent Kongming decides to do some intel/recon on some of the local club scene artists at Z20 with Eiko. They meet Mia who has managed to draw a crowd and is extremely popular. They are lucky enough to meet Mia and Eiko was able to introduce himself to her. Mia decides to invite Eiko to Club WAAARP for a ladies’ night out.

However, this all seems too good to be true as Mia has her ulterior motives behind inviting Eiko to the performance. As Eiko will be on a separate stage and perform at the same time as Mia as a strategy to gain a larger audience, knowing that she would be a better selling point than a newbie. And with Kongming discovering his plan, he decides to put his tactical skills to good use to ensure he has a head start in helping Eiko succeed…

Overall, I like how they mix music with strategy and keep the theme they created by bringing an ancient Chinese tactician to modern times in a clever and sometimes unsuspecting way. I’m glad it wasn’t just a wearable/talking gimmick and they went all out. It’s clear that Mia is going to be something of a “singing rival” who seems more concerned with her image than her vocal training, and unless she changes that, it will hurt her in the long run when she tries to. compete with other talented artists. Eiko continues to be cute and Kongming’s plan was just epic, I can’t see what direction the story will take next!