English Dub Review: Trapped in a Dating Simulator: The World of Otome Games is Hard on the “Hey, Girl. Wanna Get Some Tea” Crowds


Leon starts attending the academy, but notices something is different than in the actual game. The prince falls in love with a girl named Marie instead of the game’s original protagonist, Olivia. This leads to Leon getting closer to Olivia instead.

Our opinion :

It is common for these isekai series of otome games to involve a change in the story of the game. However, it is usually because the protagonist is doing something different than in the game. In this case, Leon did nothing different that would have affected anyone’s love interest. This raises an interesting question to which I am curious to know the answer.

We don’t learn too much about Marie just yet, but we do know that she’s only loved by the prince. His fiancée, Angelica, begins to show her jealous side and pushes her around. The prince doesn’t want Angelica involved, which only upsets her further.

Olivia is introduced as a commoner gifted in magic and received a scholarship to attend the academy. She is also being bullied and against his better judgment, Leon decides to be friendly with her. He originally hosted a tea party for the upper class girls, but they were rude and left quickly. Olivia, on the other hand, is very nice to Leon.

Leon mentions that she is a sneaky protagonist in the game, so he tries to keep his distance. So far it doesn’t seem to work. I wonder if she will act more like she does in the game and what is the relationship between her and Marie.

I still want to know more about these characters. I’m sure Angelica has a deeper story and the prince’s entourage is nothing more than nameless faces to me right now. The show is on a regular course right now. It’s not stellar, but it’s starting to get intriguing.