English Dub Review: Raven of the Inner Palace: “The Skylark Princess”

Insight: A rift forms between Liu (Alexis Tipton) and Jiujiu (Bryn Apprill) as a misunderstanding occurs with the Raven Consort’s little understanding of how to interact with the people closest to her.

Our opinion : The best aspect of the episodic nature of the cases that the Raven Consort takes on is how they’re an allegory for how well she expresses herself in the social situations that making new friends brings.

This classic procedure is an overwhelming force when the late Princess Skylark’s ghost bird can’t get through because of what plagues all spirits trapped on the mortal plane: an unsolved problem. It takes the form of the princess’s lady-in-waiting who regrets not being there for the pure-hearted patient. It’s a tragic tale of regret, which plays beautifully into Liu’s own issue with Jiujiu misunderstanding her feelings as she learns to properly consider her loved one’s feelings, with that feeling also extending to her. by Gaojun. Souxue, giving a beloved and heartfelt gift that was close to her heart, so casually, shows how much she is learning to properly respect and honor her new friends. It’s a struggle that’s a symptom of his distanced lifestyle that shows how old habits die hard, above all when they are so deeply woven into the tapestry of his own life.

Gaojun acts as an empathetic voice of reason as he conveys the story of his own regret in the tragic loss of his close personal friend, who died because of him, living with the pain of never expressing his gratitude for all he did. did for him. Moreover, the fact that the emperor even tells Liu about a difficult chapter of his past illustrates how much he falls in love with her, becoming more and more attached to her.

All of these sad and remorseful stories weave a hard-hitting emotional lesson for Liu in making amends with the loved ones in her life, while she still has them, so as not to live with painful guilt in the future. Shouxue’s endearing naivety about the situation as well as her genuine heartfelt intentions allow for a healthy reconciliation between her and Jiujiu. It’s especially nice to see how they clearly care for each other with their devotion, especially being too nice for each other for their own good.