English Dub Review: Lupine III Part VI “An Untold Tale”


Since the tragedy of Watson’s death, Holmes’ mental state has changed. Holmes’ return settled all the unsolved cases of recent years, and the London underworld was shaken. Lily feels a little lonely in the state of such a bloody Holmes. Meanwhile, information about a man jumps to Lupin’s ears and Lupine returns to London to hunt him. Zenigata, who was burning from Lupin’s arrest, was waiting there…

Our opinion

Back to the main story, we leave and Lupine returns to London to check on Holmes and Lily. I was hoping for more of a chase scene when Lupine and “Zenigata” were chasing the assassin through the graveyard, but this immediately cuts to the church. There are a few other moments like that in the episode and I wasn’t really a fan of that aspect.

Although I still think it was a bit early, I liked how they got along considering the twist that confused me on Zenigata towards the end. I always wanted to see Lupine & Holmes go head-to-head a bit more, but that might happen with a few episodes showing them cooperating, which seems more likely as it stands.

Overall I liked this episode. It felt like a return to form after the previous gunfight episode and that Isekai two-part storyline that baffled me with his weird “Simulation” turn that felt like an episode of Rick & Morty. As most fans expected, Lupine didn’t kill Watson and Holmes was trying to protect Lily from being another target for Raven. The answer to this mystery lies in Lily’s repressed memories that she will have to come to terms with at some point in the story, and what else she actually remembers remains to be seen…