English Dub Review: Kamiari Child Month


This is the story of a 12-year-old girl, Kanna, born as a descendant of the Gods. His family is on a mission to deliver offerings from all over Japan to the Gathering of the Gods in Izumo. Although Kanna’s mother was to complete the mission, her passing prompted Kanna to complete the task, hoping that she could find her deceased mother in the Land of the Gods at the end of her journey.

Our opinion :

What I love the most about anime are the emotions I feel watching it. Now, that’s not to say I’m not crying or getting super excited watching live action movies too. But there’s just something about anime for me that really resonates with me on an emotional level. What I’m trying to convey with this exceptionally tasty opening is that Kamiari Child Month does what the medium should do, and does it very well.

I will admit bias because having lost my mother when I was younger, any story involving someone losing their mother instantly resonates with me. The slow buildup to find out what happened to her mother and how it affects her relationship with running has been incredibly well done. It was so nice to go on this trip with Kanna and it might help you heal watching this. I really only had one negative for this movie and it’s the same problem I have with most anime stories and that’s the role of the father. Usually they are distant or closed after the death of the mother. But Kanna had a legitimately caring father, and their relationship just wasn’t resolved satisfactorily for me. It wasn’t as bad as some movies, but it was just a little meh, things are still good for them I think.

One thing this movie does really well is how important hobbies and things we are passionate about are. Sometimes these are the things that get us through the toughest times in our lives. I don’t know if that was part of the movie’s message, but it was definitely a big part of what I took away from it. In fact, one of my favorite lines was when Kanna thought back to a time spent with her mother and said, “Why was I smiling? It’s true. It’s because I like to run.

This movie was a pleasure to watch and I highly recommend it. That more or less sums up what I love about anime. I’m really glad Netflix released this one and if anything, you should at least watch it for the amazing soundtrack. Even the music made me cry. In the end, this movie does what it should, and it makes you feel something.