English Dub Review: I’m the bad guy, so I tame the final boss “Bad girl cheats on her fiancé”

Preview (Spoilers below):

Aileen overcame all odds and got engaged to Claude. Just when she thought she would find her happily ever after, she learns that a demon named Ashtarte has attacked a human village in the Mirchetta region. Sensing new dangers, Aileen infiltrates the Mische Academy in the Grand Duchy of Mirchetta to investigate the situation. There she meets James Charles, the last boss of Regalia of Saints, Demons and Maidens 2along with the other eccentric members of the student council.

Our opinion :

Last week’s episode would have been the end of Aileen’s journey to tame the game’s final boss, with her being engaged to Claude. More importantly, Claude regained his faith in humanity by saving Aileen from the princely asshole, Cedric. However, it turns out the game isn’t over yet, as Aileen embarks on a new quest to face another final boss. But to do that, she will have to infiltrate.

“The Villainess Tricks Her Fiancé” begins the series’ new arc with Aileen investigating an attack by one of Claude’s demons, Ashtarte. To do this, she disguises herself as a boy to infiltrate Mische Academy in Mirchetta, where her village was destroyed by Ashtarte, with Isaac keeping tabs on her. But, of course, Aileen will also have to deal with another game’s final boss, who is also student council president James Charles, which makes the show’s title more apt, much to my surprise. Additionally, Aileen meets August, one of the council members, and Rachel Danis, the game’s villain.

Last week’s episode wrapped up the surprisingly quick first arc of the season, which helped avoid fleshing out this simple concept before it became obsolete. Additionally, it provided a satisfying character arc for Aileen, where she attempted to write her own story and move on from being rejected by Cedric. So now we see Aileen once again using her knowledge of the game to solve a new mystery involving Ashtarte and James.

i am the bad guy has an approach of having a new final boss in each arc in a season, similar to my hero academia and Fairy tale. This direction helps keep the concept fresh enough to keep the show from falling deeper into monotony. But will that be enough to make the second arc of the season as enjoyable as the first? Based on this episode and its mystery involving an attack on a college student, I hope that’s the case.

“The Villainess Tricks Her Fiancé” provides a solid introduction to Aileen’s toughest job yet, with her encountering something shocking about James while Claude poses as the Duke’s proxy. It’s also not without some decent gags, like Claude’s desperation for Aileen and Aileen dressing up as a duck mascot. From the way it ended, I don’t think a marriage proposal would be enough for Aileen to tame this mysterious half-demon boss.