Eccho Rights: inspired by true stories

last June, Eccho Rights announced a new corporate structure after CJ EMN (Korea) sold its share to the German media company Night train mediacreating a group that also includes British producer Bossa Nova. 2022 is also a key year for the company as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. This is why it organized in Istanbul, Turkey, a Screening for 100 international buyers from 40 countries, including leading players from Western Europe (media play and RTVE Spain, Catalan TV3, monegasque Global Red Head), CEEC (Ukraine’ 1+1Serbia PRAVA TVBosnia and Herzegovina’ HayatHungary TV2Lithuania TV3Bulgaria BTV and Romania’ Pro TV), MENA (MBC), Asia (Korea) and Latin America (ViX, NBCUniversal, disney, HBO Max, Primordial, NTV Chile).

Fredrik af Malmborg, Managing Director, Eccho Rights, with Edina Balogh, Head of Acquisitions, and Andrea Zaras, Head of Content Management, TV2 (Hungary)

Barbora Suster, head of LatAm, Eccho Rights, with Hispanic buyers: Leonor Sotillo and Jorge Balleste, ViX; Mercedes Figueroa and Angel Lopez Armendariz, Mediaset España, Milagros Mayi, Acquisitions, RTVE, and Carlos Blanches, Acquisitions Manager, TV3 Catalunya

The delegation watched sixteen projects, including new Turkish dramas and returning seasons, as well as British and Nordic short-form drama and comedy series, as well as a Greek and Romanian adaptation. ‘Hit dramas Ezel (2011), Kurt Seyit and Sura and Elif (1200 eps) at golden boy (No. 1 on Friday evenings on Star TV), Honor S3 (2017, Nordics: bestseller of all time), Chrysalis S3 (OGM for Kanal D), and the new London project Desperate measureswe have evolved into new genres and, above all, new business models”, launched Fredrick of MalmborgManaging partner.

But there’s more: Eccho Rights has launched a significant volume of new projects, some slated to premiere in late 2022, and some in development for the next few years. “Business has changed and we are adapting to new trends and the needs of our customers. We are happy not only to sell our top-rated ready-made series, but also to promote co-productions and fund new projects in different territories,” af Malmborg continued. He pointed out servant of the peoplethe comedy series performed by the current Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenskywhich was the very first acquisition of netflix in the CIS and got 40 licenses when the war started in February 2022. Additionally, the format was sold to Poland, and there are 3-4 more to come, the exec added.

Carlie Goode, Acquisitions, Head, Aya Medhat Moustafa, Head of Content Acquisitions, Shahid, Lina Matta, Director Shahid AVOD, MBC 2, MBC 4, MBC Max, MBC Variety and Melis Hamamcioglu, Director of Acquisitions and Sales of content, Eccho Rights

Scripted formats are a key element of the new business models applied by Eccho Rights: “We sold Ezel (vlad) and Initiated (Clan) for Romania, my sweet lie in Slovakia, The clinic and The red room in Greece (Sky), and Nurses in Sweden, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic. Direct-to-Consumer is another important goal, offering optimization for Youtube, Facebook and Dailymotion platforms: The promise the channel reached 3.7 million views, followed by Elif (3.2 million), Legacy (2 million) and K-drama (1.2 million).

The four new Turkish dramas presented were hear me (95x’45), from Surec Films for TV starthat has been successful on social media for target audiences; golden boy (125×45), from GMO Photos for Star TV, which was the best series of the year in Turkey, rising from 3.7 audience points to 8.60 and from 10.24% to 23.23% (the average share of Star TV is 9 .08%).

Fredrik af Malmborg with Onur Güvenatam, CEO of OGM Pictures Handan Ozkubat, Head of Eccho Rights Istanbul

Fredrik af Malmborg and Antonii Mangov, Programming Director, ProTV (Romania) presented The Clan, the second Romanian adaptation of a Turkish screenplay

Onur Guvenatam, CEO of OGM Pictures, was invited onstage and asked about the company’s concept of drama: “We’re going for what’s new: what the market hasn’t done yet. Our North is another kind of storytelling. Real-life dramas like Golden Boy. We want people to be impressed with our stories.”

Handan Ozkubat, head of Eccho Rights’ Istanbul office, added: “We see that there is a strong evolution of Turkish drama since the pandemic: more humanistic, less revengeful. Adaptations of international dramas? Yes definitely. The key is in the localization. The male character is quirky (men are more of a gentleman), but in Turkey the gender roles are clear and if it changes, the audience doesn’t like it.” Classic Turkish drama in short form: ” The public merges: television needs more digital options, and there, the short format works better. Expectations on their part are increasing year by year. The Challenge is a high quality series in every aspect. Television is still a dominant player in Turkey,” she concluded.

Finally, new seasons of Karamel series for Channel 7: Legacy – S3 (819x’45), sold in +40 countries around the world, The promise (820x’45), and the new Redemption (255x’45) set to premiere in November 2022. Additionally, the OGM Pictures series for Channel D Chrysalis S3with 19.84 ABC #1 share (Thursday night), and The red room from the same producer TV8which is No. 1 over two seasons on Friday evenings with nearly 30% on AB Share.

Natalia Panchenko, Head of Acquisitions, 1+1 (Ukraine), Gosia Linelt – Zielonacka, Senior Content and Programming Manager, TVP (Poland), Angela Richardson, Founder/CEO, Redhead Global (Monaco) and Daiva Andrade, Head of Senior Acquisitions, TV3 (Lithuania)

Outside of Turkey, Eccho Rights exhibited eight new series from the UK, Nordic countries, Romania and Greece. From the London office, led by Adam Bart and Lucy Robertpresented the local projects, starting with Desperate measures (4x’60), from clap for Channel 5 and slated to premiere in late 2022, available internationally in format form and ready to use; granite harbor (3x’60), a co-production between LA Productions, Dopamine, BBC 1 and Eccho Rights also for the end of 2022 on the 8pm Saturday slot on BBC1.

Other office projects are Compulsionby LA Production for Channel 5, Eccho Rights’ first UK show about addiction (gambling) and family, and Irish drama The vanishing triangleof Park Movies, Paper plane, 87/Movies for Blank media (Ireland) and Sundance Now (United States), also inspired by real events and women’s rights, which has been pre-sold in a number of territories.

Suzana Nisevic, acquisitions, Prava TV (Serbia), Sasha Martic, acquisitions, Stanic Media (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Sanela Junuzovic, program acquisitions, Hayat (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Regarding the Nordic titles, Everyone but us (20x’22) is a Swedish short comedy series from Discovery of Warner Bros. for Discovery+while sexy relationship drama As long as we go… (6x’60) by Glassriver (Island), TV2 (Norway) and C More (UK) is scheduled to air in late 2022. Additionally, Honor of Bigger for Viaplay and Mondayit is kings of crypto.

To conclude, from Romania ProTV’s adaptation of Initiated called Clan (13x’110), presented by af Malmborg and Antoine Mangov, programming director, of the network, who explained, “It combines crime and action with a strong cast. This corresponded perfectly to our public, because Turkish fiction is not broadcast on national television, with the exception of Kanal D (broadcaster n°3 in the market). We are betting on adapting them”.

Antonii Mangov, Director of Programming, ProTV (Romania), with Desislava Zheleva, Junior Acquisitions Specialist, and Nelly Stoynova, Head of Planning and Acquisitions, NOVA (Bulgaria), and Anzhela Georgieva, Acquisitions, and Hristo Hadzhitanev, Director programming, BTV (Bulgaria) )