‘Dutch Journalist’ Covering Winter Olympics Caught By Chinese Guards

Beijing: The 2022 Winter Olympics are taking place in China, which is covered by journalists from all over the world. But China, which follows communist ideologies, does not like democracy and free media. Something similar happened with a Dutch journalist covering the Winter Olympics in Beijing. The Dutch journalist was forcibly arrested by Chinese police while covering the Olympic opening ceremony.

According to the report, the incident happened on Friday (February 4, 2022), when Dutch public broadcasting correspondent Sozard Dan Das was covering the opening ceremony of the Olympics. During the report, a Chinese guard forcibly pushed him away and grabbed him from there and took him away with them. The video is also going viral. In the video, he can be seen with a red bandage on his arm and was saying something in Mandarin. The News Journal said our reporter @sjoerddendaas was dragged off camera by security guards at 12:00 p.m. in our newspapers,” Sozard Das said when he was tortured by Chinese authorities. Sadly, this is becoming a reality daily for the press in China, what was good was that he could finish his story.

However, why the Chinese guard misbehaved with a foreign reporter is unclear. The incident with Dane Das took place outside Bird’s Nest Stadium. Moreover, the fear of China, which believes in the dictatorial system, can be measured by the fact that it ordered international athletes during the Winter Olympics not to talk about aggression, provocation, China’s persecution and genocide. Calling the Chinese government cruel, the United States also warned their players not to talk about human rights abuses there.

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