Donkey Festival throughout the month of May

During a unique sound healing session at Donkey Dreamland. / ON

Leonie Schuurman leads sound healing sessions at Donkey Dreamland in Mijas, involving animals in the growing wellness trend

Donkeys are one of the most trusted, strongest, and most underrated animals of the Equidae family that have served civilizations around the world. World Donkey Day takes place on May 8 and the whole month is dedicated to animals and improving their well-being.

Mijas-based charity and training center Donkey Dreamland organized a beach ride for their donkeys. This Saturday, May 21, they are organizing a sound healing session among the animals, in the peaceful setting of the center.

In recent years, sound and music healing therapy has become increasingly popular, and not just to help human beings.

Sound therapy has been practiced for thousands of years to realign vibrations in the human body, thereby improving mental health and emotional well-being.

Different forms of sound healing exist in all cultures around the world and throughout history. For example, in ancient Greece, music was extremely popular for treating or even curing mental disorders. The ancient Egyptians designed their pyramids specifically to create sound chambers. Around 40,000 years ago, Australians used ancient didgeridoos in healing rituals.

In recent years, sound and music healing therapy has become increasingly popular, and not just to help human beings. At the World Animal Energy Conference in England a few years ago, Debbie Walker (a former National Health Service nurse in the UK, with a first class degree in tissue viability) told stories remarkable ways of healing animals through sound therapy.

Using tuning forks, Walker designed a system that she believes has the potential to improve quality of life and health, as well as animal and environmental welfare. She directs the sound where she perceives an energy imbalance, restoring a balance in the animal. Walker says that the sound vibrations produced by tuning forks can also be used to heal the plant kingdom.

The unique sound healing session begins at Donkey Dreamland on Saturday May 21 at 12:00 p.m.

Leonie Schuurman, a Dutch specialist living on the Costa del Sol, uses metal bowls to create vibrations. She has led unique sound healing sessions at Donkey Dreamland, and the next one will be on May 21 at 12:00 (donation of 15 euros for participants). On May 28, celebrations at Donkey Dreamland will mark the arrival of summer and raise funds for animal rehabilitation.