Docubay: documentaries go FAST – English

“Our content is broadcast to millions of users residing in over 150 countries, and our documentaries have been aggregated by over 300 producers from over 120 countries,” launched Girish DwibhashyamVP – Strategy, DocuBaythe OTT documentary platform operated by Indian Media IN10.

The streamer audience consists of the 20-45 age bracket, based on our current active engagement within the platform. “We can tell that they already find our existing documentaries appealing enough to watch more. That said, sleek editing, trending subject matter and bold storytelling are what we’ve seen resonate more and more with younger audiences, compared to old-school slow-burn documentaries,” remarked Dwibhashyam. interviewed by Prensario for the LA Virtual Screenings.

He added, “The focus so far has been on acquired content which is mostly in English with some exceptions like Spanish, French, etc. We have tried to ensure that our international content is curated in such a way that it resonates across the world. For example, the content should appeal to someone sitting in Miami or Mumbai at the same time”.

“Our idea is that the world is ‘One Tribe’, which is our slogan, and there are many stories to share. These are real human stories just waiting to be discovered by people sitting across continents, and DocuBay as a platform will oblige,” Dwibhashyam continued. And he added, “However, we are excited about our next phase of growth as we will now be commissioning original content. already what our users like to watch, based on this we have selected some topics that we want to focus on when developing these exclusive original documentaries.

On global content trends, Dwibhashyam said, “There is definitely a lot more factual content being produced than before. This increase in the supply of factual content has been supplemented by production companies that previously did fiction and are now moving into the non-fiction space. This demonstrates the demand for documentaries in particular. Topics like crime, geopolitics, and technology seem to perform well on all platforms. We are focusing on these and many other micro-segments where we have seen traction on our platform for original content creation and new content acquisition”.

Future expansion plans? The executive emphasized, “Exposing DocuBay content to maximum audiences through appropriate distribution partnerships, especially in the West, is one of our top priorities this year. It also means that our FAST channel will play an important role in markets like the United States, to create brand awareness and sampling of our content to entice users to watch our premium VOD content. Our key strategic partners include subscription aggregation platforms, OEMs and telecom operators who play an important role in getting millions of views for our documentaries in every country.
“At the same time, our direct-to-consumer business is experiencing phenomenal growth with thousands of new members joining our tribe every week. From here, we can only see this trajectory gaining momentum,” Dwibhashyam concluded. .