Dharma Movies has done the wrong of ‘Gahreiyaan’! post viral

Deepika Padukone and Siddhant Chaturvedi are making headlines these days because of one of their movies. Both films have become a part of discussions these days. The film received mixed reviews from audiences. Yes, many viewers did not like the story of the movie, although many people liked Deepika Padukone’s acting, then Ananya Pandey was also praised. Along with that, many of her negative reviews are going viral on social media, which you can see. At the same time, a review is visible from the Dharma Movies Instagram account itself.

You can see it’s surprising, although it’s unclear if it happened by mistake or a prank from a fake page, but it’s going pretty viral on Twitter. We tell you that the film Ghareyaan by Deepika Padukone was released on February 11 on Amazon Prime. Yes and many negative reviews about this movie are going viral on social media. Amid all this, the post is also going viral on behalf of Dharma Movies Insta. As you can see, the film has been described as breathtaking.

Yes it was posted by a social media user named Adnan and it says there, after seeing the depths only the depths have become in my mind that the mind blowing movie gave me. You can see that now people have posted this screenshot on Twitter. At the same time, the original tweeter wrote that because of my tweet, an intern’s job was lost. Let us tell you that even before that, many kinds of posts were going viral on Twitter about the depths and so far many people’s food is that the movie is junk food.

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