Demon Slayer English Dub Casts New Voice Actor As Villain Gyutaro

Demon Slayer fans can see actor Brandon McInnis make his debut as the villainous Gyutaro in the anime’s English dub this Sunday.

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demon slayer announced that actor Brandon McInnis will voice the villainous Gyutaro in the English version of the anime series.

demon slayer tells the story of three protagonists who go in search of a demonic threat hidden in the city of sins. The anime is quickly becoming one of the most popular properties on television, with the highly acclaimed The attack of the Titans.

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The news of McInnis voicing Gyutaro was announced on the official website demon slayer Twitter account. demon slayer fans probably know that this character is part of the Upper Six and will be the main villain of season 2 of demon slayerwho is nicknamed the Entertainment District Arc. The rest of this demon slayer will be released weekly on Sundays until the finale on May 1, 2022.


the demon slayer the villain will make the power levels clearer when the heroes fight one of the top six. Fans can see how drastic the power bar is between heroes and their longtime immortal foes. Gyutaro also has a backstory that will touch the hearts of many fans and explain why he became the demon they encounter at this point in the series. Just like most demonic enemies, this character started out as a human many years ago, so fans will learn what led him down this path.

One thing that demon slayer does well is to have the villains create a sense of empathy that the viewer feels when they discover their past. The storylines are overwhelming with characters dealing with tragedy, so it’s always interesting to see how these demons aren’t much different from humans and just took the wrong path.

This weekend will debut the new villain, so be sure to check it out if possible. McInnis is a relatively prominent voice actor, with credits in The attack of the Titans, my hero academia, fire force, Dr Stone and Pokemon, to name a few. It’s safe to say that they cast a very versatile actor and fans will decide if they made the right choice.

demon slayer is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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