Demo to the Ministry of Education about a trans teacher who committed suicide – English

(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 17 – Teachers, students, gay activists and #MeToo activists staged a protest outside the Ministry of Education in Rome on Friday calling for action to prevent discrimination against transgender people like the teacher who committed suicide near Venice last weekend.

“Let this not happen again,” read one of the banners held up by protesters, who said the woman had been “systematically insulted and marginalized through hatred.”

The 50-year-old former transgender teacher burned herself to death in her motorhome on a road in northern Italy over the weekend.

Cloe Bianco, a former teacher at the Istituto Mattei high school in San Dona’ di Piave near Venice, said on Friday that she was going to kill herself in a blog post.

His charred body was found in the burnt-out vehicle on the regional road between Auronzo and Misurina near Belluno north of Venice on Saturday.

Last Friday, in his blog post, Bianco said, “Immediately after the publication of this press release, I will perform my auto da fe, or rather my free death.

“This last day, I celebrated with a tasty meal and excellent Bacchus nectars, tasting for the last time the wine and food that I love.

“This simple end of life party was accompanied by good music in my little house on wheels, where I will now stay.

“It’s the most poetic way to live my best life and end it in the same style.

“Here everything ends”.

Minister for Relations with Parliament, Federico D’Inca, said “it is a terrible story that urges us all not to look away and to work to build a truly inclusive and prejudice-free country”. He said “it’s a story of suffering, marginalization, denial of rights and loneliness that no one has been able to comprehend or resolve through the support and understanding that Cloe clearly needed”. (ANSA).