Death Note sequel gets an English release date

Death threat is one of the most cerebral anime franchises to date, introducing the concept of a killer notebook that allows the owner to eliminate anyone as long as they write their name in its pages. With the franchise getting an anime adaptation as well as a number of live-action adaptations, it looks like the sequel series from the original creators has been given an English release date for the story of a new partner of the Shinigami. known as Ryuuk.

If you haven’t read the Death threat Sequel short story, it follows a young man named Minoru who comes across the life-stealing notebook, taking a radically different approach to Light’s relationship with Ryuuk. Unlike Kira who tried to create a new world where criminals received the ultimate punishment, Minoru simply tried to sell the Death Note at the highest bid, setting in motion a mad plan that would earn him millions of dollars while hiding his identity. . the world in general. With entire countries bidding to capture the book, the one-shot featured quite a few wild real-life cameos.

Viz Media shared the news that Death Note Short Stories would arrive on May 10 with a paperback version, following the sequel’s digital landing on the Viz website and giving fans the opportunity to dive once again into the world of Ryuuk and the notebook that kickstarted the game. ‘mail :

Currently, there has been no word on this short story receiving an anime adaptation, and while there may not be enough material to create a full fledged sequel series, it seems sure it would work as a movie to explore this new story of Ryuuk and his new partner in crime. While the Death Note anime shows no signs of returning, the creators of the legendary franchise recently launched their new series, end of platinum, which introduces a story nearly as mind-blowing as Light Yagami’s.

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