Compass Health is committed to owning immigrants, non-English speakers

By Lee Wardlaw [email protected]

ORANGE PARK — Florida is the third largest Spanish-speaking state in the nation with 21.8% of all households speaking the language as the primary “language” shared among all household members, according to the American Community Survey, which is conducted in 2020 by the US census.

In Clay County, 2020 census data revealed that people living within the county’s borders include 10.2% Hispanic, 2.71% Asian, and 9.61% White (Hispanic) residents. , other (Hispanic) or multiracial (Hispanic).

Not all of these residents speak Spanish or any other non-English language as their primary form of verbal communication. However, it is still crucial for thousands of locals to have a helping hand with a familiar native language when seeking essential services, especially health insurance.

That’s why Compass Health Insurance at 950 Blanding Blvd. in the Publix Plaza in Orange Park, is staffed by native-born and now nationalized American residents from Haiti, the Philippines, and several Hispanic countries to assist new residents with services.

“They are native-born, naturalized citizens. Clients normally want to do business with agents who speak their language, especially Haitians. It is very important for (customers) to go to Compass because when they walk in they know that there will be agents who will help them,” said Maria Mauricio-Ortiz, manager of the Orange Park branch of the agency.

Compass Health Insurance is open to all customers of all nationalities and races, but their unique ability to reach non-native groups in the county is what particularly sets them apart.

“Compass Health is really very supportive of our ethnic groups,” Mauricio-Ortiz said.

Their office hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., but with health insurance a top priority for new U.S. residents in unfamiliar territory with language barriers and other hurdles to overcome, Compass Health provides the necessary assistance to customers. Round the clock.

“The Haitian group (of agents) is there on Saturdays because the Haitians are working (every other day of the week). So the Haitian agents are usually there on Saturdays to take care of their clients,” she said.

But that’s not all.

“We just want people to know that no matter what, we’re always here to help, especially when it’s time to sign up, and if it’s over, we can always help. Whenever you come to the office and it’s closed, we have our phone numbers at the door and you can call us 24/7. We can certainly answer your calls and meet your needs. We can schedule an appointment. If it’s not the same day, we can do it the next day,” said Mauricio-Ortiz.

The Orange Park location is part of a larger conglomerate of 16 chains operating throughout the Sunshine State. Compass offers a myriad of product services, including health insurance, life insurance, health insurance, dental and supplemental coverage, and prescription coverage.

Compass Health Insurance can be reached by phone at (904) 579-3928 or by email at [email protected]

Clay County residents can also connect with Compass Health Insurance on social media on Facebook at or Instagram at (@CompassHealthInsurance ).