Chainsaw Man Gets Emotional And Bloody In Exclusive New English Clip

Screen Rant has an exclusive emotional and action-packed clip from the English-dubbed third episode of Chainsaw Man, adapted from the hit manga series.

Screen Rant is thrilled to share the first look at a clip from Chainsaw Man third episode dubbed in English. The episode channels the best parts of the series, combining emotional memories with tons of bloody action. The clip may be short, but it delivers what fans have come to love about the story so far.

Chainsaw Man The anime series began releasing on Crunchyroll in October. It is based on Tatsuki Fujimoto’s hit manga series, which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2018. So far, it has spanned twelve volumes and released one hundred and nine chapters. The Chainsaw Man the anime is being adapted by MAPPA and although the sub and dub are not being released simultaneously, they are only shifted from each other by a few weeks. The English dub cast includes Ryan Colt Levy, Lindsay Seidel, Suzie Yeung, Sarah Wiedenheft, and Reagan Murdock.


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Crunchyroll provided Screen Rant with an exclusive clip from Episode 3, “Meowy’s Whereabouts.” This episode should further develop the partnership between Denji and Power. The video, posted on YouTube, reveals the new devil Denji will face: the Bat Devil. The hero has faced quite a few demons before, but he hasn’t been much tested in the field since gaining his new abilities as the Chainsaw Man from his companion, Pochita. The clip also reveals more memories of Denji with his beloved companion. Be warned that the clip is quite bloody and contains explicit language, as fans have come to expect from the show.

Denji and Power might have more in common than Denji thinks

The clip shows Denji confronting the Bat Devil, before the hero thinks about his relationship with Pochita. This then leads her to wonder how Power must feel separated from her cat, Meowy. Denji and Pochita had been together for a long time before their bittersweet split in the first episode. Despite the immediate separation, the series has excelled in showing how close they were and how much they mean to each other. Pochita quickly became a favorite among Chainsaw Man Fans among readers and viewers of the series, making moments like these strike a chord.

So far, the show is in the early stages of introducing Denji’s new team as part of the Public Safety Division. Fans met Makima, Aki Hayakawa, and Power. The titular hero has a lot to learn about his teammates, and this episode could help develop a sense of camaraderie between him and Power. The team has myriad differences, with Denji being a human-devil hybrid, while Power is a demon, and Aki being neither while presumably having some dislike for both, due of his hatred of the devils. Given their differences, it will be difficult for this team to come together, but finding emotional similarities with Power could start to bridge the gap if his connection to Meowy even partially resembles Denji’s to Pochita. Fans can watch the third episode dubbed from Chainsaw Man now, on Crunchyroll.

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The dubbing of Chainsaw Man the third episode is available on Crunchyroll on November 8!

Source: Crunchyroll Dubs