Chainsaw Man Creator’s Manga Goodbye, Eri Gets English Translation

VIZ Media announces that the manga Goodbye, Eri from Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto will receive an English translation, slated for release in 2023.

VIZ Media announced that Goodbye, Eri by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the mangaka behind the hugely popular Chainsaw Man series, receives an English translation.

According to the Twitter post, the one-shot will hit stores in the United States in the summer of 2023. Goodbye, Eri follows Yuta Ito, a young filmmaker, as he comes to terms with the recent death of his mother and “meets a mysterious girl who holds an explosive secret.” The manga premiered on Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+ website in April and garnered over 2.2 million views within a day of its debut.

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While Fujimoto has produced several manga, including Goodbye, Eri, He is best known for his Chainsaw Man series, which appeared from Shueisha Weekly Shōnen Jump starting in December 2018 until the publisher moved it to Shōnen Jump+ in 2020. So far, the iconic and gory series has produced 12 volumes of content. The story follows Denji, a poor young man struggling to repay a huge debt left by his late father. With the help of a dog-like entity named Pochita, he uses his power to turn his limbs into chainsaws to kill demons; however, after being betrayed by his gangster employers, Denji finds himself recruited by a government agency tasked with neutralizing monstrous threats.

The animated adaptation of Chainsaw Man will premiere on October 10. Animated by MAPPA studio (Attack on Titan: The Final Season), directed by Ryu Nakayama (Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demon Front: Babylonia) and written by Hiroshi Seko (Jujutsu Kaisen), the show will feature Kikunosuke Toya (Tokyo’s 24th Ward) like Denji, Fairouz Ai (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Ocean of Stone) as Power, Shogo Sakata (Sk8 Infinity) as Aki Hayakawa and Tomori Kusunoki (My Senpai is boring) like Makima.

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Crunchyroll has confirmed an English dub of Chainsaw Man at the NYCC. It will feature the voice acting talents of Reagan Murdock (The Prince’s Genie’s Guide to Getting a Nation Out of Debt), Ryan Colt Lévy (Moriarty the Patriot), Sarah Wiedenheft (Arifureta – From mundane to strongest in the world) and Suzie Yeung (Wonder Egg Priority).

According to the creative team behind the highly anticipated anime, Chainsaw Man won’t shy away from Fujimoto’s explicit manga content. “We don’t censor anything. We want to be faithful to the source material,” one of the producers said during a panel earlier this year. The show’s trailer further confirmed the show’s ultra-violence and gore.

The Chainsaw Man manga is distributed in English by VIZ Media.

Source: Twitter