Chainsaw Man Creator’s Early Works Finally Get An English Release

English-speaking fans of the hit manga Chainsaw Man will soon have the opportunity to read two manga collections of short stories from the creator of this series, Tatsuki Fujimoto.

As detailed on the official Viz Media Twitter page, the two collections are titled “Tatsuki Fujimoto before Chainsaw Man: 17-21 and Tatsuki Fujimoto before Chainsaw Man: 22-26. The numbers in each title refer to Fujimoto’s age when he created the included stories. The current release window for both collections is Spring 2023.

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The first collection, Tatsuki Fujimoto before Chainsaw Man: 17-21 was released by Shueisha in Japan on October 4 last year, while the second collection was released a month later on November 4. There are four stories included in the first collection, two of which contain either a sci-fi or supernatural premise. The first story, originally published on the Shonen Jump+ digital platform, is titled Niwa ni wa Niwa Niwatori ga Ita. They are the last two human beings trying to survive in a world overrun by aliens. In a comedic twist, they are forced to disguise themselves as aliens using chicken costumes. Second story of the collection, Sasaki-kun ga Judan to Meta, which is sometimes localized as Sasaki-Kun stopped a bullet, centers on a student who must rescue the teacher he admires from a gunman. Koi wa Moumoku is a romance about a boy blind to everything but love, while the final story, Shikaku, is about an assassin hired by a vampire because he needs help figuring out how to end his eternal life.

The stories in the second collection also cover a wide variety of topics: Ningyo Rhapsody, tells the story of a mermaid-human hybrid who enjoys playing his piano in the sea who is one day approached by a mysterious mermaid, while another story, Yogen no Nayuta, is about a girl with horns who is prophesied to bring destruction upon the whole world. The main character of this story also appears on the cover of the second collection.

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Fujimoto is best known for creating Chainsaw Man, but also found success with the acclaimed one-shot manga look back, which was released in July last year. Originally released on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ platform, look back tells the story of two young female artists from a small town brought together by their mutual love of art and their desire to become manga authors. Both Chainsaw Man and look back are also available in English from VIZ.

Source: Twitter