Cannes XR to Preview AR Rahman’s Debut Film, ‘The Musk’ | English Film News

Renowned composer and singer AR Rahman’s directorial debut, “Le Musk”, is set to make its world premiere on the Cannes XR program of the Cannes Film Market, a program dedicated to immersive technologies and cinematic content.

According to the report, the 36-minute film was presented as a cinematic sensory experience incorporating virtual reality, with movement, music and scents integrated into the narrative.

The story of ‘The Musk’ was developed by Rehman from an original idea by his wife Saira and the film’s plot will follow heiress and musician Juliet Merdinian, who, 20 years after being orphaned, is looking for the men who changed her fate with a powerful memory — that of their perfume, the outlet reported.

Rehman and his wife have a common love for perfume and therefore wanted to incorporate perfume as a narrative device in immersive cinema. “The aroma and the music subjectively bring warm memories to the audience,” Rahman said, according to the report.

The cast includes Nora Arnezeder and Guy Burnet in the lead roles, alongside Munirih Grace and Mariam Zohrabyan. In addition to composing the score, Rahman directed the film from a script by Gurachi Phoenix.