Attack on Titan OADs Receive English Dub Premiere Date

Crunchyroll recently announced that it will be streaming the English dubs for all eight The attack of the Titans original anime DVD episodes (OAD). These OAD episodes adapt a variety of stories from the The attack of the Titans universe, like events from the manga that were cut from the anime.

Other adapted stories consist of various spin-off manga and new stories for the series. All eight episodes have already been released with official limited edition manga volumes on their own DVDs. Upcoming streaming availability will mark their English dubbed debut on any streaming service.

Follow this article which details exactly what The attack of the Titans OAD episodes will be available to stream, along with when and where to watch them.

The attack of the Titans The OAD episodes finally air in English dub, available to stream on Crunchyroll

The attack of the Titans OAD Episodes English Dub Info

@Anime I just caught up with Attack on Titan, and I was keen to watch OADs until they got dubbed. It’s the perfect timing. I’m especially looking forward to watching the Annie episodes.

As mentioned above, the English dubs for all eight The attack of the Titans OAD episodes will begin streaming on Crunchyroll later this week. May 8 will mark the start of the first episode, with subsequent episodes being released weekly.

The first episode to debut will be titled “Isle notebook“, adapting a section of the manga that was cut from the series’ main anime. The OAD originally came with a limited edition of the 11th volume in Japan. An English subtitled version was bundled with the English translation of the 17th volume of Kodansha Comics.

Episodes 2-3 will consist of stories titled “The sudden visitor” and “Distress.” No further information is available on these two episodes, as other sources seem to indicate that they are not based on any known sources.

The 8 OAD English dub for Attack on Titan begins airing weekly on @Crunchyrolllaunching May 8.#1: Ilse’s Notebook#2: The Sudden Visitor#3: Distress#4: No Regrets Part 1For more information:

Episodes 4-5 will include the two-episode OAD series No regrets. It is an adaptation of the spin-off manga by artist Kikaru Suruga and writer Gun Snark of the same name.

No regrets originally came with the limited editions of the 15th and 16th volumes in Japan. The English-subtitled version was bundled with limited-edition English versions of the 18th and 19th volumes.

Episodes 6-8 are the anime adaptation by Hiroshi Seko lost girls spin-off novel, which features three short stories centered on Mikasa and Annie. These are titled “Lost in the cruel world,” “Wall Sina, goodbye,” and “Lost girls.

The novel was originally published in Japan in December 2014 by Kodansha, with publisher Vertical publishing an English version in June 2016.

All eight episodes were previously available to stream in English-subtitled versions via Funimation and Crunchyroll since December 19, 2021. May 8 will mark the first time an English-dubbed version of the episodes will be available on streaming platforms.

In summary

The 8 OAD English dub for Attack on Titan begins airing weekly on @Crunchyrolllaunching May 8 Part 2.#5: No Regrets Part 2#6: Lost Girls Part 1#7: Lost Girls Part 2#8: Lost Girls: Lost in the Cruel WorldFor more information: OADdubsTW

the The attack of the Titans is one of the most popular anime and manga franchises in the world. The series has gained international fame and acclaim and is widely regarded as one of the best anime and manga series of all time.

The release of the series’ OADs in English builds excitement for the upcoming third and final part of the anime’s final season. The Last Part doesn’t have an exact release date, but is slated for a 2023 release window as of this writing.

Be sure to follow all The attack of the Titans news, as well as general anime and manga news, as 2022 progresses.

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