Anupam Kher’s mother cried after watching ‘The Kashmir Files’

The film The Kashmir Files which tells the stories of oppression of Kashmiri pundits is loved by everyone these days. This film touched the hearts of many viewers. Anupam Kher also captured many people’s hearts by playing the best role of Pushkar Nath Pandit in the movie. Now Anupam’s mother, Dulari, has reacted to this film. You can see she gave her reaction through a video. Indeed, in this video, Anupam asks his mother for feedback on the film. To which Dulari says- ‘The picture is done correctly. If that picture wasn’t right, the world wouldn’t have seen it. At the same time, Anupam further asks her mother about the reason for the success of the movie.

To this, Dulari said, “That’s what they did to us. That’s the truth. She said at 10 o’clock at night. Get up, go. He came in the evening and said d ‘stop everything. He lived in Rambagh. He had a palace house. It was built in that year. I built it above the water, he said: “I kept the land for you too for Krishna.” Build a house here near me. When he came that evening, he found the letter by the door downstairs – today is your turn. didn’t pick up the house papers, didn’t pick up the booklet, didn’t pick up anything, hearing these things, he collapsed. He says I built this house with so much love, I was broke, what should I do now?At the same time, when Anupam asked her mother if she wanted to go back to Kashmir.

With curiosity on her face and tears in her eyes, Dulari said- “I will take home in Karan Nagar, I will stay there. This is my childhood, this is my husband’s, I say God give us one-room house, we will stay there. At the same time, Anupam talks to his mother about the people who live in the refugee camps and says, “We were fine too, but the poor people who lived in the refugee camps refugees were in a bad state. Hearing this, said Dulari, “As shown, the old women lived, these poor people could not stand the heat, they died there, thousands of people died, however, they would not be didn’t get out of there. They had compassion, but these people have no compassion. ‘

Anupam then adds: “Mohammad Abdullah Sheikh also said that it was all a lie. God bless whoever took this picture. The whole story is shown. They (the terrorists) used to say, “Leave the daughters to the daughters-in-law, you get out.” It’s the wrong thing, I didn’t want to do it. After 32 years, here is the result, it is not insignificant, you want to be afraid, you want to fear only one Lord and no one else. At the same time, he also reacted to his son’s role in the film. He said, “You are no good, you are fine. After that, she asks another person sitting across from her to remove Anupam’s eyes.

Yes, she said, “Take your eyes off.” Everyone says, “Congratulations to him (Anupam) and congratulate him, we liked what I’m doing, whoever made the movie, I liked him, you made the movie. Finally, concluding his speech, Dulari said, “God should not do the same to an enemy.”

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