An Isle of Wight couple braving the English Channel to swim a relay

Husband and wife swimmers from the Isle of Wight, Rob and Katie Jubb, have set themselves a huge challenge this summer, setting their sights on the English Channel.

The couple, aka Team Gorilla, from Cowes, join four other swimmers to take a 21-mile relay across the English Channel to raise money for the national charity Aspire.

The charity helps people paralyzed by spinal cord injuries.

Rob and Katie will face water temperatures of around 14 degrees, with wetsuit in sight, as official swims in the canals must be done without long swimsuits.

Photo courtesy of Jon Line.

Rob said: “We have a training plan developed by Aspire to help us get to the levels we need for swimming.

“It helps us work on technique, endurance, mental toughness, nutrition, recovery and cold water acclimatization all at the same time.

“However, with jellyfish, huge tankers and nighttime swimming in the middle of the English Channel, coupled with seasickness and currents, we know it’s not going to be an easy task.”

To prepare for the challenge, Rob and Katie swim at Sandown and Gurnard to acclimatize to the sea and are supported by the Strictly Come Dipping Society and Swim the Revenant.

Isle of Wight County Press: Photo courtesy of Jon Line. Photo courtesy of Jon Line.