Akanksha Foundation PCMC English Medium School, Bopkhel, is among the top 10 nominees for the World’s Best School for Community Collaboration Award

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Akanksha Foundation PCMC English Medium School, Bopkhel, is among the top 10 nominees for the World’s Best School for Community Collaboration Award

Posted on June 13, 2022

● PCMC English Medium School, Bopkhel, named in the list of 10 finalists for the award of the best school in the world for community collaboration

Five inspiring Indian schools have been named in the Top 10 shortlists for the new $250,000 Best School in the World awards, launched this year by T4 Education in partnership with Templeton World Charity Foundation, Accenture and American Express.

One of them is PCMC English Middle School of Akanksha Foundation, Bopkhel for its impact on community collaboration.

A few months ago, T4, an organization based in the UK, launched a World’s Best School Prize to celebrate schools around the world, with an opportunity to recognize and share their best practices across the globe. The Best School in the World awards highlight schools whose principals, teachers and communities have shown exemplary leadership and innovation to improve the education of their students under the shadow of a global pandemic.

PCMC English Medium School in Akanksha, Bopkhel was selected after reviewing thousands of applications from schools around the world by a review committee made up of experts from the education sector. This is a victory not only for a school but for our entire network which believes deeply in the ideology of partnership with the community.

Hethis is shared by Saurabh Taneja, the CEO of the Akanksha Foundation – “Parents and our communities have been our partners since Akanksha has existed. That this partnership is crystallized and presented through a single school is a proud moment and a milestone for each Akanksha school.

I would like to acknowledge the leadership of Sushma Pathare in instilling and enhancing the purpose and power of our community and building upon it by bringing together teachers, social workers and all stakeholders with our parents.

The pandemic has shown us the difference an invested family can make in a child’s development. We have seen our parents learn so children can learn, sing so children can sing, and share who they are so their children understand and dare to share too.

Sushma Pathare, Principal of PCMC English Medium School, Bopkhel shares – “We have enabled the voice of parents to design and change policies, structures and systems at the school level so that parents feel more involved in their school.

The five World’s Best School Prizes, founded by T4 Education in partnership with Accenture, American Express, Yayasan Hasanah, Templeton World Charity Foundation and the Lemann Foundation, celebrate schools around the world for the central role they play in the development of next generation of learners and for their enormous contribution to the progress of society, especially in the wake of COVID.

Vikas Pota, Founder of T4 Education and World’s Best School Awards, said: “With more than 1.5 billion learners affected by school and university closures, COVID has dramatically exacerbated a global education crisis in which, even before the pandemic, the UN warned that progress were already too slow to achieve universal quality education by 2030.

“We launched the World’s Best School Prizes as a grassroots solution to help build the systemic change needed. By telling the stories of inspiring schools that are transforming the lives of their students and making a real difference in their communities, schools can share their best practices and raise their voices at the highest level to help transform education.

“I would like to congratulate CNM School of SVKM, SDMC Lajpat Nagar III Primary School, Khoj School, PCMC English Medium School, Bopkhel and Samaritan Mission (High) School for being among the top 10 lists for the world’s first best school awards. Educators around the world will now be able to learn from examples of these exceptional Indian schools.