A Whitmer HS English teacher’s school day slice-of-life stories are going viral on TikTok

“My students have been pretty impressed with the number of subscribers,” Katie Peters said. “Apparently it’s a really big deal.”

TOLEDO, Ohio — A local high school teacher is going viral for her video in which she lists all the things she did for students in a single day.

Katie Peters is a Grade 10 and 12 English teacher at Whitmer High School. Peters explains that in one day, she helped students in a variety of ways, including writing a letter of recommendation, giving one student money for a haircut, retrieving a lost schoolbag, and consoling another. student after their first breakup.

As of Thursday night, her video had nearly 150,000 likes.

“My students were pretty impressed with the number of ‘followers,'” Peters said with a smile. “Apparently it’s a really big deal.”

Peters also mentions in her video that she replaced other courses during her usual planning times. This is a problem that has become increasingly common for schools due to the shortage of available submarines.

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“When you do this for several days, everyone starts to suffer. Our teachers suffer. Our children suffer because they don’t get the best out of their teachers. Everyone suffers,” the local schools superintendent said. of Washington, Kadee Anstadt.

Anstadt recently announced plans to release WLS students two hours earlier on Fridays starting February 4.

The extra hours are designed to give teachers like Peters the time they need to create lesson plans. More importantly, Peters and other teachers will use this time to better support students during a time when they need it most.

“We stand before them as energetic influencers in the room, and I absolutely know that my colleagues and I are aware of our role in influencing our classroom culture, and we need to be in a healthy space to do so. , “said Peters.

The district encourages anyone to help out as a substitute teacher. Anstadt says that even if you’re only available a few times a month, it can make a huge difference.