A hotel ready to open in the arts district of Las Vegas

Between the roar of the Strip and the buzz of Fremont Street, a soon-to-open boutique hotel hopes to offer guests a new experience in the middle of Las Vegas’ booming arts district.

The English Hotel, a four-story, 74-room boutique hotel on the corner of Main Street and Coolidge Avenue downtown, will open to the public this week.

The hotel was developed by Z Life Co. and is named after celebrity chef Todd English, a partner in the project. Unlike the mega-resorts that dominate the Las Vegas hotel landscape with their thousands of rooms and maze-like casino, The English Hotel will offer a more personalized touch for those looking for something different from the typical Vegas experience, general manager Steve Dennis said Monday.

“Our guests will come here, and they’ll be part of the arts district,” Dennis said. “They will still do the strip and do the other things to do in Vegas, but they will focus on experiencing what this area has to offer.”

The property, which is affiliated with Marriott’s Tribute Portfolio, was designed to have a “New York vibe” — bright and open without a shortage of high-end amenities, Dennis said. But the centerpiece of the property will be the latest English restaurant offering at the Pepper Club, which includes Japanese and Mediterranean themes.

As Dennis likes to say, this is not a hotel with a restaurant. “We are a restaurant with a hotel.”

Dennis said he envisions the hotel as a place for travelers and locals, especially those in the hospitality industry looking for a place to relax.

“We want people from the industry to come to this place. You work all night and do your thing; you need a place where you can sit and relax,” he said.

And the restaurant is also taking creative steps to entice locals to stay the night.

After you’ve finished your meal in most restaurants, a waiter may come by and ask if you’d like to see a dessert menu. At the Pepper Club, customers will be given an additional menu to peruse.

“Ours is going to include the price of the rooms. So if I’m not full, we’re going to offer a room to our guests,” Dennis said. “It’s an instant stay.”

The property’s new neighbors are thrilled with the opening of the first hotel in the Arts District.

“Having The English Hotel and having such a great type of venue is really going to help us. We’re happy to have them,” said Becky Miller, who runs Main Street Mercantile and is also vice president of 18b The Las Vegas Arts District.

There’s no gambling in the Arts District, Miller said, so the hotel “fits in well with our vibe.”

Many businesses in the Arts District were closed during parts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Miller said. But watching construction progress at the English Hotel at this time gave them hope for the future.

“It really helped keep spirits up,” she said.

Hotel officials are excited to be a part of the arts district’s continued evolution, Dennis said, noting the expansion of new restaurants, bars and other nightlife venues to the area in recent years.

“It’s a neat area, but now it’s moving to that next level of development,” he said.

The English Hotel officially opens on Wednesday.

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