7 coolest things to do this weekend in Kathmandu

Hey people, the weekend is already here.

Last week must have been shraddha week for many of you as the annual Sohra Shraddha ritual started last Sunday. While we hope you had/have a fantastic family reunion to remember your deceased family members, we also feel the pain of many women who have been forced to take period delay pills.

Either way, you must have been tired and looking for refreshments. If so, we have seven ideas that can help make your weekend in Kathmandu more joyful.

Watch the football semi-finals between Nepal and India

Dossier: A Nepalese player in action

The women’s football teams of Nepal and India have reached the semi-finals of the SAFF Women’s Championship. They will face off at Dasharath Stadium on Friday, September 16. The game will start at 5:30 p.m.

There can be no better treat than this for sports lovers this weekend in Kathmandu.

2. Watch Live Items

(LR) Raunaq Adhikari, Ishan R Onta and Dipesh Gurung have been playing together since 2016.
(L-R) Raunaq Adhikari, Ishan R Onta and Dipesh Gurung have been playing together since 2016. Photo: The Elements

Rock band The Elements perform live at Hard Rock Cafe on Friday, September 16. The band sounds amazing, and any music lover shouldn’t miss this show this weekend in Kathmandu. Trust us; it’s gonna be epic.

3. Visit the festive craft festival 2022

Image: Facebook/ABiR
Image: Facebook/ABiR

ABiR is organizing Artisan Festive Fest 2022 on Saturday, September 17 at Patan Durbar Square. The festival brings together local artisans, designers, artists and producers and interacts with potential customers and promotes local Nepali products.

4. Visit the Himalayan Vegan Festival

Image: Facebook/World Vegan Organization Nepal
Image: Facebook/World Vegan Organization Nepal

So, if you are vegan or interested, here is an event you should join this weekend in Kathmandu. World Vegan Organization Nepal is organizing the Himalayan Vegan Festival from September 15-17 at The Soaltee, Kathmandu. The festival will feature over 100 international vegan speakers, vegan food, live music and more.

5. Hike Jamacho/Nagarjun

Photo: Wikimedia

The hike to Jamacho in Nagarjun is an easy and short hike in the valley. The hike starts a little further from the Balaju bypass and takes about three hours to reach the top. The place is also famous for Nagarjuna’s cave where he practiced meditation. From the top of Jamacho Gumba, you can see the Kathmandu Valley to the east and the mountain range to the north. If you don’t want to hike to this family hiking destination, you can take your car to the top of the hill.

One of the evergreen suggestions for people who want to make their weekend in Kathmandu tiring…

6. Eat Momo at New Everest Momo Center

File Picture

Located in Sohrakhutte near Amrit Science College, New Everest is a simple momo joint that serves lip-smacking momos. He only serves one type of momos, the buff momo, but he sells over 300 plates a day, so it must be good, right? Served with a creamy and savory sauce, this is a must go place this weekend in Kathmandu.

7. Read close-up

Written by film journalist Jiwan Parajuli, Close-up features interviews with 61 people connected to the Nepalese film industry and has developed a story from each of them.

Most often in Nepal, movies and pop culture do not attract the attention of academics. Therefore, there are a handful of books that can help readers understand the multiple dimensions of the industry. Therefore, Parajuli hopes it can be a helpful resource in understanding the past, present and future of the Nepali film industry. A clever choice to spend your weekend in Kathmandu…