40-year-old house in Muvattupuzha undergoes a magical transformation | lifestyle decor

When the family realized that it was becoming practically difficult to live in their 40-year-old family home in Pezhakkapilli near Muvattupuzha, they decided to modernize it. As the house was close to their hearts, they hesitated to demolish it. So they opted for the renovation.

The old house was still dark inside, with no ray of light. There was no wind either. There were also space constraints. There were six bedrooms on both floors. In addition, the staircase leading to the upper floor also came from the outside.

Here, a two-story house was transformed into a one-story house. The house which was 4800 square feet was reduced to 2400 square feet. Instead, the ground floor was extended by adding more rooms.

The house is owned by an NRI. It has been reduced to one floor to facilitate maintenance.

The architects admit that it was very difficult to expand the interiors while retaining the basic structure of the old house since the owners were emotionally attached to it. The old roof was completely demolished and a new roof was erected. They built new spaces with cut stones.

The space limitation was solved by demolishing unnecessary hallways on the ground floor and redeploying the spaces. With the addition of more windows and skylights, light began to flood the interiors. The sloping roof over the porch and sitting area gave the elevation a new look. It is GI mesh and shingles. The wall adjacent to the seating area is highlighted with black cladding exteriors.

The living room is done in a simple and elegant theme. A TV cabinet separates the living-dining room. The ceiling height of the dining room has been increased and the glass panels bring light inside.

There is a courtyard adjacent to the dining room. This is also where the washing area is located. The wall is highlighted by a natural stone facing. A coffee table is also included here, covered with a mixture of natural stone and grass.

Adjoining spaces were brought together to enlarge the bedrooms which had en-suite bathrooms. Built-in cabinets have been added for storage. With the addition of more windows, the natural lights brought more luminosity and cheerfulness to the atmosphere. The children’s bedroom is equipped with a bunk bed, an office space and a dressing room.

Many changes have also been made to the kitchen. Currently they have a modern kitchen in the island model. A breakfast counter has also been set up here for cooking while supervising the children’s studies.

In short, everyone who knows the old ancestral house is now surprised to see the new house. Is it the same old house? People ask for them. The family is doubly happy to have achieved a house with a contemporary look and amenities while maintaining the traditional look of the house.

Project Facts

Location – Pezhakapilly, Muvattupuzha

Land – 35 cents

Area – 2500 square feet

Owner – Abhilash & Sunaina

Architects – Yaseen Muhammed, Jalwa Lathief

Studio – NUCTA

Crowd – 9961073634, 8089837747