1899 – Film review of the English series

Release date : November 17, 2022

Rating from 123telugu.com: 3.25/5

With : Emily Beecham, Andreas Pietschmann, Aneurin Barnard, Fflyn Edwards, Maciej Musial, Miguel Bernardeau, Mathilde Ollivier, Isabelle, Clara Rosagar and others

Director: Baran bo Odar

Producers: Pat Tookey-Dickson

Music Director: Ben Frost

Cinematography: Nicholas Summerer

Publisher: Anja Seimens

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The DARK web series created a huge storm in the OTT space at the time. The show’s director, Baran bo Odar, is now back with another web series titled 1899, so the expectations are very high. It is now streaming on Netflix. So, let’s see how the series is.


The story is set in 1899 and begins with a Kerberos passenger ship traveling from London to New York. Passengers from different countries go through different phases of their lives, thinking of making it big in the city of dreams, New York. However, they soon encounter another passenger ship Prometheus which has been lost for four months in the ocean. Captain Kerberos Eyk (Andreas Pietschmann) decides to offer Prometheus help, but the passengers refuse Eyk’s idea. Despite the rejection, Eyk lends his hand to Prometheus, and from there, the passengers of Kerberos begin to experience strange situations. What are these weird situations? Why do they occur? Have the passengers arrived in New York? Watch the show for the answers.

Good points :

The writing for the series has been of the highest standard. The way the plot is carefully and logically written deserves applause. Each episode has a solid twist towards the end that is sure to blow minds. Especially the one that comes to the climax is breathtaking. These twists are difficult to guess and the series becomes very interesting in many sequences.

At the same time, the show is not confusing and the creators have made the narrative simple and understandable for the common audience. Moreover, the mysterious and eerie atmosphere is well created by using the background score and the excellent production design. Although the series primarily revolves around the character of Maura Franklin, several characters in the series have backgrounds and move the series forward. The emotional angle was brought through these characters, adding depth to the show.

From the middle parts, the series reaches a higher level and the way the mysteries start to unfold gives the creeps. The casting director did a great job of hiring some of the best actors on the show. Emily Beecham, Andreas Pietschmann, Aneurin Barnard, Fflyn Edwards and Maciej Musial are phenomenal in their roles. But the most remarkable performance is that of Emily Beecham, the main protagonist. The actress’ expressions and dialogue as a confused woman are spot on, and she really is the show’s greatest asset.

A few scenes, like passengers jumping off the deck of the ship and the storm taking over the ship, are brilliantly executed, showing the craftsmanship of the makers. Additionally, characters from different nations speak their own language, bringing more authenticity and a new feel to the series.

Negative points :

That said, the series also has its flaws. There are a few sequences that would bore the audience. Especially the debates in the first three episodes unfold at a snail’s pace and test viewers’ patience. Character establishments take longer and the creators should have made things exciting from the start.

A slightly faster scenario was essential for a series of this standard. Also, a few scenes drag quite heavily, and the editing team should have shortened those sequences for a better engaging experience.

While the show is good in its own way, coming from the creators of Dark, the comparisons and expectations are obvious, and Dark fans might be slightly disappointed with the simple 1899 plot. more in numbers, preventing the show’s appeal from reaching much of the audience.

Technical aspects:

1899 could easily be called one of the best shows technically. The art department’s work is so exquisite that we won’t be able to take our eyes off it, even in a single sequence. Although the whole series takes place on a ship, the genius of the technical team does not remind us of this thought and immerses us deeply in the series.

The tense atmosphere is superbly constructed by Ben Frost’s superb background music, which will surely be playing in our minds even after the series. Nikolaus Summerer’s cinematography is world class and perfectly contemplates the serious and chilling vibe. The costume department has also done a magnificent job of reproducing the 1890s period. The creators have spent a bombshell on the series, which is visible in every frame.

The only profession that disappoints is the editing which, if it had been better, would have created more impact. Coming to director Baran bo Odar, he once again weaved his magic all the way back to 1899. The storytelling is well done without creating confusion, and credit must also be given to Jantje Friese, the co-creator. The director’s vision is too good, and he used the other departments well to translate his idea into reality. However, he could have paid attention to the pacing and other flaws.


Overall, 1899 is an engrossing series for most. Stunning performances, excellent production design and outstanding background music are the driving factors of the show. However, the slow pace and boring sequences reduce the overall impact. But the director makes up for it with some solid twists, and so the show ends up being a good watch. Those who love watching gripping mysteries can surely give it a shot.

Rating from 123telugu.com: 3.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu team

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