12 English Words Forgotten From School and University Books

English vocabulary is essential in all areas of life, from school to college and then in professional life. Even in social gatherings, language has its own impact and dominance. If you can express yourself well, then half your job is done. English vocabulary is essential for students who plan to take exams like IELTS, PTE, TOFEL, as well as the civil service, among others. It is a matter of general consciousness and of language.

It is evident that amidst the social media revolution, the language has lost its formal essence in popular culture. In short, people use words from the media or social media and not from what they learned in school or college.

Here is an overview of forgotten words in the English vocabulary. Moreover, it is interesting to note that half of them are related to the bed. Many people have experienced a special connection with their beds during the work-from-home system under the Covid-19 lockdown.

Dysania – a psychological inability to get out of bed

Slugabed – A lazy person who stays in bed late.

Uhtceare- Staying awake anxiously before dawn.

Perendinate – To defer until the day after tomorrow; postpone for a day.

Philogrobilized – Stunned, or hungover

Librocubularist – The name of a person who reads books in bed.

Mullock – Waste, Garbage

Gutter – Eating or drinking greedily and noisily.

Barbigerous – Having a beard

Twattling – Speak in a trivial or silly way.

Frobly – mobly – neither well nor sick

Peg puff – a young woman with the manners of an old

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