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The magazine Golden – short for Decât o Revista, or “just a magazine” – publishes non-fiction accounts from Romania. After starting life as a quarterly magazine in 2009, the team now runs a digital platform with several newsletters, podcasts, events and conferences, as well as their traditional print edition.

“Golden believes in the power of true, well-told stories to bring people together,” says editor Cristian Lupşa. “We use personal essays, long-form features, profiles and other intimate forms to help our community understand modern Romania, find solutions to broken systems and, ideally, feel less alone.”

This philosophy comes to life in the team’s special projects, including The Way of the Earth, a series of illustrated essays focusing on the enslavement of Romania’s Roma population and how racism still affects their lives today.

Golden also seek to reach their readers in other more tangible ways, by temporarily moving their newsroom to smaller Romanian towns, or even inviting readers into the newsroom. “Although our connection to our community – which also provides a third of our income – has always been strong, it is only in recent years that we have begun to actively involve them in the way we do or promote our journalism” , says Lupşa.

“We try to reach our readers where they are, respond to their needs and concerns, and address the stories that help them live a better life. We tell them more complex stories that we hope will help them define modern Romania differently.