10 Anime That Never Completed Their English Dub

Even when an anime has its dedicated fans in English-speaking regions of North America, it’s not uncommon for its dub to leave episodes untranslated. Cartoons aimed at young children tend to suffer the most, as they may rely more on TV deals or toy deals to fund translations. Of course, even anime dubs sent straight to home release can hinge on good sales.

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Something that might complicate matters is that the anime might not be fully dubbed, but the manga was, meaning that even before the era of internet fandoms, fans could still be fully dubbed. aware that there was more to the story. To complicate matters, an anime can also have more than one English dub. In some complicated examples, the entire series may have been dubbed, but not everything has been made public.

7 Sailor Moon: The Original Race Never Reached The Stars, But Viz Did

Seiya and Usagi in Sailor Moon

During the original 90s run of the Sailor Moon English dub, only the first four seasons were adapted, leaving the last season, sailor stars, not translated. The exact reason why the season was not dubbed is often debated among fans, but is often seen as a licensing issue. In an interview, Susan Roman, the 90s voice of Sailor Jupiter, said the voice actors were told they were going to work on more episodes before the original dub was abruptly canceled and Irwin Toys had also character biographies for Chibi-Chibi and Princess. Kakyuu, the latter renamed Princess Fireball, on their website, suggesting that there were plans to rename it at some point.

The corresponding manga stories, however, have been translated, meaning a few fans of the ’90s English dub may still have been aware of the final story arc and its characters. Ultimately, the series would finally get a second English dub through Viz, allowing the story arc to finally be translated into English dialogue.

6 Yo-Kai Watch: Disney XD dubbing even had shorter seasons before being canceled

Yo-kai watch anime

Yo-kai WatchOriginally, the English dub received quite a bit of promotion on Disney XD, which even gave the series weekly marathons at one point. The English dub also made an effort to be edited to match the show’s American toy line. However, low ratings ultimately meant the series would be scrapped midway through its third season. Additionally, the English dub’s “seasons” consisted of fewer episodes than the original Japanese.

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To complicate matters, however, the anime ended up getting three different English dubs, ultimately for Disney XD, Toonami Asia, and Cartoon Network Africa, each with different localization levels.

5 MegaMan NT Warrior: North America only has the first two seasons

MegaMan NT Warrior had its North American English release from Viz, which only licensed the first two seasons, the dubs of which aired on the Kids’ WB block. Three more seasons and an unlicensed movie.

To complicate matters, there are technically two English dubs: the aforementioned Viz dub which was intended for a North American release, and one from Animax intended for Asian countries.

4 Toriko: The English Dub Only Has 50 Episodes

When FUNimation worked on the food-based shonen series Toriko, they only managed to dub and release the first 50 episodes of the series, only about a third of the series’ 147 total episodes. The exact reason why the dub stopped at 50 episodes is currently unknown, although some fans suspect sales were an issue.

Fans could watch a subtitled version of the series on various streaming platforms, like Crunchyroll and Hulu. Discotek Media also released a subtitled version of the film.

3 Lyrical Nanoha: Geneon USA only reached the first two seasons

Magical Girl Lyric Nanoha

Geneon released the first and second season of Lyrical Nanoha in the United States, but the closure of Geneon USA caused titles to run out and prevented later seasons from being officially dubbed.

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That said, subtitled versions of later seasons would eventually be released by Amazon.

2 MÄR: Toonami cancels the series and ends the dubbing

When inspired by fairy tales MAR was dubbed into English via Viz Media, it managed to secure a TV deal with Toonami. Unfortunately, the episodes aired out of order and were eventually pulled completely due to declining ratings, as well as the removal of the live streaming platform used to promote the series. Viz Media discontinued its dub of the series after the TV deal ended.

Only 52 out of 104 episodes – in fact, only half of the series – are thought to have been dubbed. Additionally, only around 16 episodes saw a home release.

1 Yu Gi Oh! : Several seasons of the franchise have not been dubbed

Some series in the Yu Gi Oh! franchisees, like Yu Gi Oh! GX and 5Dsaw their final seasons undubbed in English.

The original anime also has a complicated variation on this trend. While the anime’s 224 episodes were technically dubbed, an early prequel series, Toei’s Yu Gi Oh! series, was not dubbed as it was made by a different studio, although it technically adapts the manga’s early stories.

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